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Over 3500 students have now attended a PreMed Course
Did the course address issues you wanted to know about? – Yes: 98.8%
Would you recommend the course to friends? – Yes: 100%
Do you think it will help in your medical school applications? – Yes: 98.1%


All the quotes below are actual quotes from previous PreMed Course Attendees

“I thoroughly enjoyed the suturing and the radiology lectures.”
“Suturing the mortally wounded oranges was great!.”
“Answers all your questions, and allows you to ask ANYTHING.”
“Very, very, very useful.”
“Very informative and a good choice of practical activities.”
“Very informative, helpful, interesting, chance to meet others in same position as you.”
“Interesting, informative and enjoyable.”
“Great fun, enlightening and interesting. I feel determined to be a doctor more than ever.”
“Informative, clarified many uncertainties.”
“Excellent and very useful.”
“It was well organised, enjoyable and very helpful.”
“Very interesting and informative.”
“Useful and interesting.”
“I really enjoyed it, it was interesting to see how many budding young medicine students there are, who might be with me in the future.”
“Very good.”
“A well structured and organised day providing students with valuable information on becoming a doctor.”
“Informative, interesting, good value.”
“Very helpful, informative and interesting.”
“Informative, fun and interesting. .”
“Very informative and useful.”
“Really helpful and informing.”
“Very useful, informative and fun.”
“Well organised, informative and easy to understand.”
“Very informative and useful.”
“Overall, the course was excellent! It was very well thought out and organised, at no point in the day did I feel that coming down from Scotland for the day was not worth it.”
“Very educational and informative with respect to the practical workshops, especially the suturing and the x-rays. I also valued the lecture about UCAS forms and medical school curriculum.”
“The course was well organised and included very useful information, especially about the UCAS procedure.”
“A very enjoyable and informative day.”
“Informative and captivating.”
“Amazing and really helpful.”
“A very detailed insight into the medicine course, preparation for what’s in store.”
“Very helpful.”
“Detailed lectures and presentations and fun workshops, left me with no questions at all, which is unusual for me!.”
“Has confirmed my desire to do medicine, and taught me about the course and the universities available.”
“I definitely think the PreMed course has increased my chances of getting into university.”
“Thanks for PreMed, I understand much more about the medical course and what to expect at University and after.”
“The PreMed Course has helped me enormously, by giving me a better understanding of what is expected from me and providing me with information on what to expect.”
“I now know what do think about it applying for medicine both how to do it and what I’m signing up for.”
“I know how much work it takes to become a doctor.”
“It gave me an insight into life as a medical student and the career choices post graduates have to make once qualified.”
“PreMed has helped with interview preparation, the application process and every step of the way to being a doctor.”
“I learnt a lot about medical careers after graduation.”
“Useful information about applications and interviews.”
“It has helped me with interview experience, general knowledge of the profession and also given me a great insight into life as a doctor.”
“I feel that I now know more about what life will be like as a doctor and perhaps can see it in a more realistic light than I did before.”
“The course gave me a good insight into medicine.”
“Told me more about different areas of medicine, and the structure of the degree.”
“The PreMed course answered all of my questions, I definitely want to medicine now.”
“Even thought I did a lot of research about medical careers before attending PreMed, such as what sort of life at university is going to be like and how hard yet fun university is going to be. When we went into one of the practical sessions, with the cardiologists I was interested in the X-rays, I didn’t realise there were so many different ways of getting an image, other than X-rays and MRI scans.”
“PreMed made me more aware of the process of getting into medicine and what life as a medical student is really like.”
“I now understand what happens after completion of the medical degree including exams and opportunities in the medical sector.”
“I feel far better informed than before the course.”
“The course was very informative and gave me a good insight into the life of a med school student and being a doctor.”
“It has helped me to understand the different ways in which universities run the medicine course and where the best places to study it are. The information on about interviews and UCAS forms was also very helpful.”
“Thanks to PreMed, I know MUCH more about medicine now.”
“I learnt a lot more about applying and studying medicine also about life after university as a doctor. .”
“PreMed has shown me the procedure to get into University and has given me an insight into the medical course.”
“I know exactly what the uni’s are looking for and I know what I would be doing if I go to med school.”
“I have gained an insight into the admissions procedure and clinical techniques.”
“I left the course with lots of information on all aspects of taking medicine at university and life after university. .”
“PreMed informed me about applying to medicine, encouraged me to pursue a career as a surgeon.”
“PreMed has given me a previously unavailable insight into a career in medicine, and has confirmed for me that I want to do everything I can to allow me to become a Doctor. A big thank you to all the PreMed Doctors!.”
“It gave me a small insight into medicine as a whole, and the different jobs you can pursue, other than being a doctor.”
“About the range of careers after medicine, about topics covered at degree level and about different types of degree.”
“It has improved my knowledge about entry into medicine and what will happen when and if I get there!.”
“Excellent information about university interviews and all other aspect of a career in medicine.”
“PreMed gave me more insight to the kinds of things that would happen at med school and also help with interviewing it has given me an idea of how to apply and what i should be like within my interview, also it has given me an insight into what my future career holds.”
“I have learnt so much about the application procedure, and the different teaching techniques that there are.”
“The workshops were very interesting.”
“I now understand a lot more about the medicine course content and what type of fields doctors can specialise in.”
“Good general organisation.”
“Very valuable.”
“Good venue and organisation.”
“Enjoyed the course, very very relevant.”
“Excellent, excellent, excellent.”
“Learnt a LOT and practical sessions were fun and hands on.”
“Interview session and tips was extremely useful – I now feel a lot more prepared.”
“Very insightful and practical part allowed me to understand medicine more and know whether the course would be for me.”
“Excellent course.”
“Complete interactions / tutors didn’t speak down to us there were informative yet concise.”
“Very informative especially interviews and I enjoyed the practical.”
“Very informative and gave a clear idea of what the course and profession includes.”
“Information and amount covered really nice and polite. Really good.”
“General friendliness of staff and amount I have learned about medical in one day.”
“Enjoyable, fun, interactive.”
“So much information, which is all really useful; and the practical skills sections were wicked!.”
“Everything covered. Practical sessions really enjoyable.”
“Practical, hands on experiences. Great day – thank you!.”
“Clear and concise. Everything explained in enough detail.”
“All the information about applying was very useful.”
“REALLY informative and delivered in a competent way.”
“Helpful, good, interactive. Gave a wide range of information. I enjoyed the workshops. Thank you!.”
“Use of practical sessions.”
“Very helpful and informative on every aspect covered. Really enjoyable. Thanks!.”
“The course was very informative and very useful. It was a long but excellent day!.”
“Helping with interview techniques.”
“Good lecturing, good practicals and how the lectures were merged with practicals. I really enjoyed the day!.”
“Practical workshops very interesting!.”
“Informative practical sessions and having a greater insight to course.”
“Amount of information given and help for interviews.”
“Interview technique information amazingly useful!.”
“Really useful and answered all my questions, the lectures were interesting and kept me listening and the practicals helped show what was involved. Interview skills and questions really helpful!!.”
“Informative, found out quite a lot of useful information.”
“Lots of information received. Very helpful. The questions in interviews were really good.”
“Was jam-packed full of useful information and was engaging and interactive. Was a brilliant, diverse day that was very insightful and helpful.”
“All information very useful, the practical session were very useful, I like it a lot!.”
“Practical sessions, interview skills.”
“Very interesting practical sessions. The lecturers were really nice!.”
“Interview techniques.”
“The interview techniques and answers.”
“Lots of handy tips and the chance to meet like minded people.”
“A good varied amount of information aimed at the right level.”
“Teaching methods i.e. mixture between short lectures and interactive sessions.”
“Having three people to get different perspectives and ideas – lots of information and practicals a good idea – breaks up sitting down. Very interesting!.”
“Very informative, didn’t need to ask many questions as they had already been answered!.”
“Wide range of activities, subject areas.”
“Lots of ideas about what to write on a personal statement. Thanks! ☺.”
“Well taught and everything explained.”
“Interview insight and all information on applying.”
“Helpful and informative.”
“The lecturers were brilliant, very helpful.”
“Especially for applying through UCAS.”

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