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Welcome to PreMed – The Introductory Lecture:
We set out the timetable for the day and the Faculty introduce themselves.
Application Procedures
– How to apply, and how to maximise your chances of acceptance. What selection committees want to read on your UCAS form.
The Medical Schools
– Traditional or Integrated Course? / Campus or City University? / Reputations / Differences / How to make an informed choice.
The Medical School Interview
– Given by doctors with substantial experience of selecting and interviewing potential medical students. We suggest what you can expect, how to conduct yourself and how to impress.
The Medical School Curriculum
– What is on the course and how it is taught? What is an intercalated degree?
Life as a Medical Student and Junior Doctor
– All about accommodation, social life, money and the other questions you have never dared to ask the careers advisor!
Medical careers
– The diversity of careers available, from Forensic Pathologist to General Practitioner. This lecture also covers pay and other practical aspects of the medical career.

– Learn how to suture with real sutures and instruments, taught be qualified surgeons. The only difference is that you’ll be operating on wounded oranges rather than human beings!
Cardiology – ECG Interpretation
– Learn how to read Electrocardiographs (Heart Tracings), an everyday activity for a typical junior doctor – is the patient having a heart attack?
Radiology – X-Ray Interpretation
– A junior doctor might have to look at and interpret 20 X-Rays in a day. We will give the hands on opportunity to learn how to read them and make a critical diagnosis.
Communication skills and history Taking
– Learn how to “take a history” from a patient, the process whereby a Doctor learns what is actually wrong with the patient. Learn how non-verbal communication and subtle differences in questions can be useful to help make a diagnosis.


LECTURE 1 9:50 10:20
LECTURE 2 10:20 10:50
BREAK 10:50 11:20
LECTURE 3 11:20 11:55
WORKSHOP 1 11:55 12:30
LUNCH 12:30 13:30
WORKSHOP 2 13:30 14:05
WORKSHOP 3 14:05 14:40
LECTURE 4 14:40 15:15
BREAK 15:15 15:30
LECTURE 5 15:30 16:10
LECTURE 6 16:10 16:40
CLOSE 16:40 16:45

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